What sets us apart

Genuine Love for Animals

Our small team at SunnySide doesn't just pet-sit as a hobby. We take our job seriously and our main goal is providing comfort and genuine love to your pets while you are away.

Superior Communication

We love staying in close contact with our pet parents. Whether you prefer texts, emails, or messaging through the app, you will always be in the loop and never question how your pets are doing.

100% Customized

Special or elaborate daily routine? Don't fret, we make sure to follow exactly that so it's like you never left.

Security and Safety

Home security is important to us. We do not come to your home with car decals for advertising purposes, which could potentially make people aware of your absence. 

We do not offer group dog walks... it is just us and your pup(s).

For those cats who want to make a run for it once the door opens... we are prepared!

Peace of Mind

We are proud to offer a GPS tracker and timer during every visit alongside a detailed report of how it went.


  • Shy rescue dogs and cats
  • Puppies and kittens
  • Hyperactive dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Administering Medication (insulin, inhalers, capsules, oral syringes)
  • Elderly pets
  • Reptile care (ONLY bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, tortoises)
  • Hamster and rabbit care
  • Pig care (piglets and adults)

Meet the team

Audrey- Founder


Audrey grew up around every pet you can imagine: dogs, cats, hamsters and reptiles; but currently cares for her Golden Retriever and two cats. She eventually studied Zoology at San Diego State University for a year and a half while working a part-time pet sitting job. She developed a love for not only caring for pets, but developing special relationships with pet parents. With just a few months of experience in working at a large dog and cat boarding facility, she learned that it is a much more stressful and unsanitary environment being around hundreds of other pets versus being in their own home. Audrey took her love and passion for animals and made it into a full time dedicated career by starting SunnySide Petcare. Her goal is to provide the same amount of love they would receive as if you were there with them daily. She prides herself being in close contact with constant updates; but more importantly, a happy and healthy pet when you arrive back home. She has a calm energy and patience that helps shy animals warm up to her and experience in special needs animals, administering medication, and nervous rescue dogs.

Hunter- Professional Sitter


Hunter was born an raised in Dallas, Texas before moving out to San Diego in 2017 to study International Business at San Diego State University. Although she studies business, she grew up wanting to be a veterinarian and still has a passion for learning about and protecting animals. Hunter has a special connection with all nature has to offer, and her love for animals has been a part of who she is since she can remember. She grew up with all sorts of pets: geckos, bunnies, dogs, cats, horses... you name it! Right now, she is a momma to her cat, leopard gecko, and two praying mantises. She believes that all animals deserve respect and love and should be recognized for their unique contribution to life on our planet. In a perfect world, Hunter would have a house full of all kinds of pets, so you can imagine why she loves her job as a pet sitter! She is always excited to meet new pets and their families. She genuinely makes an effort to get to know and build lasting relationships with all animal lovers and their pets! When your pet is under Hunter's care, you can feel confident that they are in the hands of an extensively experienced and loving care taker who will treat them like family.